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Push Yourself with These Workout Motivation Tips

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 10/12/14 8:00 PM


Possibly the primary key to weight loss and healthy living is motivation - if you're not going to stay with it, you're not going to see results. Remaining engaged when it comes to physical fitness is in many ways more psychological than anything else. It can be extremely easy to put off a workout if you're not feeling right, if you're stressed, if you're busy - we don't need any help coming up with reasons. What we do need help with is staying motivated and working hard, so here are some workout motivation tips that will help get you to the club and push you to do your best.

Get a Workout Buddy

Whether you're attending a group fitness class, working out with free weights, running or walking, staying motivated can be far easier when you join up with a friend. You and your friend form a "team" that not only assures greater accountability to not miss a workout, but also makes working out more productive since you both want to keep up with each other. Not sure who to ask? Think about someone who has a similar schedule for the time of day you usually workout. Maybe you and a coworker hit the club together right after work before going home, maybe you and your spouse or other family member go in the mornings, maybe you and your neighbor go on a run while the kids are doing homework or after they're in bed. Make it a habit in both your lives - your health and your relationships will both benefit.

Work With A Personal Trainer

While working out with a friend is great, working with a personal trainer also has tons of benefits - you'll have someone waiting for you at the club, and a personal trainer will offer tips, pointers and techniques that can greatly enhance your workout experiences - even the ones you do on your own. A personal trainer has expertise and knowledge in a wide range of exercises as well as nutrition, which translates into a more holistic approach to working out and achieving the success of a healthy lifestyle. They offer the kind of organized training that will help you see the results you want in the shortest, and healthiest, amount of time.

Maintain An exercise Log

The planning and organization that a trainer can help you with is achievable on your own, too, and it can greatly affect your motivation, though it will require dedication. A workout log helps to keep you on trackby keeping a log it's less likely that workouts will be missed or cut short. It's also a place to write down your goals so that each day when you record your workout, you're seeing a tangible reminder of what you're working toward. You'll be able to see how close you are to hitting milestones, helping you to get back out there and work harder the next day.


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