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Where Did Summer Go? Fitness Tips for Your Busy Fall Schedule

Posted by Joseph Pinnell on 8/11/14 6:00 AM


Where did summer go? If you're like most, you're scrambling with back to school shopping, last minute vacations and balancing new school schedules. It can be easy to forget to squeeze in time for health and exercise as you try to get everything on your list checked off. Here are some fitness tips to help you ease into the hustle and bustle of fall without losing your workout momentum.

  1. Start organizing now – Waking up and checking the weather before making a plan are a thing of the past. Start scheduling your days and week out now, even if it is all fun.
  2. Workout when your kids do – Don’t just sit and watch. Try taking part in their practice if possible or go for a quick run or walk. It may seem like you're your kids chauffeur, but you do have options. Let your kids know that you will be working out when they are done with their tennis lesson, and have them wait on you for a change.
  3. A league of your ownPut a regularly scheduled activity on your calendar for yourself. Why should your kids have all the fun? Five Seasons offers a variety of classes, clinics, lessons and activities for everyone. It's important to make the time for yourself, too.
  4. Pack the bag and be ready – You never know when you'll get that magical window of free time to squeeze a workout in. You don’t want to waste any time having to run home to change. Be ready.
  5. Keep healthy snacks on hand – Busy schedules may mean missing meals. Don’t be caught without a healthy backup that will sustain your energy. Keep healthy snacks stashed at your office, in your car, in your purse or baby bag and any other place that you can think of. Fueling up with a healthy option helps avoid overeating later.
  6. Record your food – It can be difficult to remember all the details of your day. Remembering what you ate and when can be one of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle. Keep a notebook with you or at your desk to keep track.
  7. Make the best of it – Your fitness routine is important. Getting to the club can be difficult, but if you can’t get there…make the best of it. Take an important call while walking around the block. If you have stairs in your building, spend 20 minutes walking up and down them. Don’t use not getting to the club as an excuse to miss exercising all together.
  8. You are not alone – Five Seasons is a True Club where friends and family can come together to get and stay healthy. Schedule time with friends so that you can keep each other on track. Knowing that someone is counting on you ensures that you keep to a schedule. Our club is also the perfect place to make new friends if you can’t find anyone to join you. Get involved in the club’s social activities are one of the best benefits.


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