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Gear Check - What's in Your Tennis Bag?

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 8/27/14 12:15 PM


Knowing what to pack for a tennis match is vital. As Five Seasons Director of Tennis, Tim Troiano, says, "It's better to have and not need than to need and not have. Especially while you're on court at a tournament or event." 

We asked Five Seasons Director of Adult Tennis, Mike Patrick, what he made sure to pack in his tennis bag. Mike gave us a look in side and offered these words of wisdom: "When heading to the court, make sure you have your bag full of gear. It's not the brush, it's the artist - the equipment does not make the player, it makes the player 10-15 percent better."

So what was inside?

  • Three Yonex rackets all stung at the same tension."Use one until it breaks, then use the second, then the third, so they all don't break at same time."
  • Hard court tennis shoes, or clay, depending on the playing surface. "Our transportation to every shot is of the utmost importance."
  • Over grips, so you have the best grip on the racket. "A comfortable grip on your weapon makes you the most effective."
  • Towel to wipe off your sweat. "It's also good for temper management and to regather your mental game."
  • Extra shirts, wrist bands and socks in case the match goes the distance and you need to change. "Great for staying dry and not having extra weight slow you down."
  • A few sets of string in case you need a racquet strung.i don'
  • Stretchy bands to help you warm up and stretch."These help you get and stay loose."
  • Jump rope to get you warmed up. "A jump rome will help get footwork in place."
  • MP3 player for pre-match and post-match tunes. "Music helps you get rhythm."
  • Snacks - dried fruit, candy and granola. "Keep your energy up!"
  • Book - Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert. "For motivation."
  • Cell phone. For reporting his wins.

Whether you're heading out to a match or just coming in to the club for a lesson, be sure you've got your bag packed with everything you need!


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