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Workout Hair Woes: Top 5 Ways to Fight Summer Frizz

Posted by Laura Bauer on 6/29/15 7:00 AM


Whether you're getting in a solid workout or lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun, the humid summer air is doing your hair no favors when it comes to frizz. Uncontrollable hair is the last on your list of summer must-haves, so Five Seasons Salon and Spa has some tips to help fight the frizz and keep your hair looking great throughout the hot months. 

1. Keep it Moisturized

Make sure to not let your hair dry out with the heat. After you wash your hair, apply conditioner and let it sit in your hair while you finish up your shower - 5-10 minutes if possible. Another great idea is to use a leave-in conditioner or hair mask once a week to really boost the moisture.

2. Skip a Day

Shampooing everyday could be too much since shampoo strips the hair of natural oils and can dry it out. If you shower every day after your workout, skip a day or two between shampoos. Try putting your hair up or using a shower cap to keep it from getting wet and soapy. You can also use dry shampoo powders or sprays to freshen up on off days. 

3. Bun Head

A big, frizzy ponytail is the worst when you're working out - it clings to your neck and leaves your hair open to the elements. Instead, when wearing your hair up, try a bun to keep it from expanding. This is also a great way to hide frizz any time. A bun looks polished and keeps you cool!

4. Smooth Sailing

Using a smoothing serum or lotion can do wonders for any hair type. Try Sebastian's Liquid Gloss, which can be purchased inside Five Seasons Salon and Spa. Rub a small amount in your palms and rub your hands together before running your fingers through wet or dry hair.

5. Make the Cut

Frizzy hair can also be the result of damaged hair. You can fight this by getting regular haircuts. Book your appointments today to ensure a great style year-round!  

Laura Bauer helps make members look and feel beautiful at Five Seasons Salon & Spa in Cincinnati.


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