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Trying to Keep Up a Regular Exercise Routine? Schedule Some Court Time!

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 12/12/15 8:00 AM


When it comes to exercise, very few of us have any problems starting a new routine--it's sticking with it over time that's the hard part. After all, your exercise routine doesn't exist in a vacuum; it has to somehow be integrated into your hectic daily schedule, which any busy person will tell you is not an easy feat to accomplish. The problem can be compounded when you're not all that thrilled about the particular exercise routine you're trying to maintain; it can be very tempting to "accidentally" overshoot on your other time commitments, leaving little to no room in your schedule to stick to a workout that you weren't looking forward to in the first place. 

So is there a way to keep up a regular exercise routine without it feeling like drudgery? Is there something you can do that you'll actually look forward to every week, instead of having to drag yourself to your workout sessions? Well, here's an idea that you may not have yet considered--what about scheduling some time for playing tennis?

Tennis as a Workout

While tennis definitely has a competitive element, many people use this amazingly versatile sport as a way to stay in shape while having fun at the same time. Tennis not only provides you with an excellent workout, but it also provides you with plenty of variety to keep things interesting. No two tennis games (or practice sessions) will be alike, and with the various types of movements and strokes you'll be performing during each hitting session, you'll be able to work a variety of different muscle groups.

And let's not forget how great tennis is for your heart--with the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise that tennis provides, you'll be able to improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your energy levels by doing something that you actually enjoy. 

Plus, the great thing about scheduling court time is that it provides you with a way to essentially "lock in" your workouts each week. It basically turns on a mental switch that says "I need to be there," instead of giving you too much latitude to either put off the workout or skip it altogether. Simply put, you'll be more inclined to show up when you have to be accountable for the time block you've reserved. 

Other Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Did we mention that tennis offers a ton of other health benefits as well? The physical and mental benefits of playing tennis are hard to match when compared with other forms of exercise. Here's a list of just some of the ways in which tennis can improve your health and overall well-being:

  • Agility - During the average tennis point, you'll change your direction as many as five times in only 10 seconds. This does wonders for sharpening your physical agility.
  • Hand-eye coordination - Tennis requires you to constantly judge the height, speed, direction and distance of incoming balls, as well as the balls you will hit. Not only that, but you'll also have to make constant assessments of where the proper contact points will need to be on your strokes.
  • Balance - Because of all the stops, starts, sudden moves and shots you'll have to take on the run, tennis enables you to develop dynamic balance skills that help you feel more centered overall. 
  • Flexibility - Due to the various movements you'll perform in a typical tennis match (e.g., stretching to hit the ball, etc.), your muscles will remain more flexible. There's a lot of truth to the old saying that "if you don't use it, you'll lose it;" keeping those muscles active and engaged will keep them stronger and more resilient. 

"But I'm not that good at playing tennis."

You don't have to be a tennis pro just to get out on the court and hit around a little. The important thing is to just have fun and get your body moving. Plus, by spending regular time on the court, you'll eventually get better at playing tennis; in fact, you may end up developing enough skill to play at a club level or even beyond. You'll never really know until you give it a shot. 

Five Seasons Family Sports Club: The Perfect Place for Playing Tennis

If you haven't yet checked out Five Seasons Family Sports Club, it's the perfect place to schedule some regular court time. Our top-notch indoor tennis courts enable you to play tennis year-round, no matter what the weather is outside. Not only that, but whether you're looking to hit around with a partner, take private tennis lessons or eventually join a tennis league, Five Seasons offers several outstanding tennis programs, classes and services that can take you as far as you want to go.

So if you're ready to liven up your exercise routine and do something that you'll actually enjoy, contact Five Seasons today to schedule your next tennis session!

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