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Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/13/17 9:00 AM

iStock-133353931.jpgAh, the treadmill. This classic piece of exercise equipment is a perennially popular choice for people who are looking to lose weight, improve muscle tone and keep their heart healthy. If you're in the first stages of your fitness journey, one of the best ways to get started off on the right foot is to incorporate treadmill workouts into your regular exercise regimen. Not quite sure where or how to begin? No problem – below are some simple yet effective treadmill workouts for beginners that will help you burn calories, shed pounds and keep those muscles nice and toned. 

First Things First: No Boring Workouts Allowed

Unfortunately, the treadmill has gotten a bad rap over the years for being a "boring" way to work out, especially for beginners. True indeed, if you set the machine to maintain a steady, monotonous pace, it won't be long before you'll be bored to tears. Fortunately, you don't have to relegate your treadmill workouts to this type of humdrum slog-fest. Most treadmills feature various speed, intensity and incline settings that you can customize to provide you with a fun yet challenging workout that will keep you actively engaged throughout your entire session. For example, try the following workouts:

Workout #1

Try mimicking walking up a hill by changing the incline settings on the machine. Start off with a three-minute walk at a zero percent incline, keeping the machine at a steady pace (3.5 mph) just to warm up. Next, set the incline to one percent, walking at a nice, brisk pace (4.0 mph) for three minutes. From that point, increase the incline by one percent and go for three more minutes, and then continue this pattern of incremental percentage increases (at three minutes of walking apiece) until you hit an incline of four percent. To cool down from this exercise, just lower the incline back down to one percent and walk it out for about three minutes at 3.5 mph. Total workout time should be about 18 minutes (including cool-down period). 

Workout #2

Start off by walking for about five minutes at a pace of 3.5 mph, and the incline set at one percent. Now take the speed up to 4.5 mph, and perform a brisk walk at a six percent incline for one minute. Next, reduce the incline to four percent and lower the speed back to 3.5 mph, walking at this pace for about two minutes. Repeat this two-step interval (the brisk walk at six percent incline followed by the steady walk at four percent incline) two more times, which should total out to nine minutes of walking. To cool down, set the machine at 3.5 mph and a one percent incline and walk it out for about one to two minutes. Total workout time (including cool down) should be about 15-16 minutes. 

Workout #3

This interval-style workout will be a little more challenging, but it will definitely get those glutes, hamstrings and thighs into ship shape. Warm up by walking for one minute at 3.5 mph with a zero percent incline. Next, take the speed up a notch to 4.0 mph, walking at this pace for one minute at a five percent incline. Now here comes the fun part: Set the incline to 10 percent and walk for 30 seconds at a speed of 3.5 mph. Next, go back down to a five percent incline and maintain the 3.5 mph speed for one minute. After this, go back up to the 10 percent incline, but take the speed up to 4.0 mph and walk at this pace for another 30 seconds. Now it's time to transition into the cool down period, so reduce the incline to five percent and the speed to 3.5 mph, and walk this out for one minute. Top off the workout with the final cool down phase, where you will reduce the incline to zero percent and walk at 3.5 mph for about one minute.

So there you have it – three solid treadmill workouts that any beginner can use to burn calories and jump-start their weight loss efforts. While you're at it, consider working out on one of the top-notch treadmills at Five Seasons Family Sports Club. You'll enjoy the atmosphere, and you'll log in a good sweat session for sure!

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