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Keep Up Your Momentum with These 7 Tips for Working Out on Vacation

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 5/28/15 9:33 AM


Vacation is supposed to provide you with a break from all things demanding, but you just don't want to lose the momentum that you've built with your regular exercise regimen! The last thing you want is to see those pounds and inches come back on after your vacation, which could make you feel like you're back at square one. So what can you do to put together a decent string of workouts while still being able to enjoy plenty of leisure time as well? Below are seven tips to help you sneak in some quality workouts while you're on vacation.

1. Accept that there will be a difference between at-home workouts and vacation workouts.

One quick way to set yourself up for failure is to create unrealistic expectations about what you'll be able to do while you're on vacation. Due to the interruption of your daily routine as well as the change of environment, you'll more than likely not be able to keep up your full workout regimen while you're on vacation, but that doesn't mean you have to write off exercising completely. Keep in mind that doing just 40 to 50 percent of what you would normally do at home is still a far cry from neglecting your workouts altogether. 

2. Make sure that you pack your workout clothes.

Nothing can put a damper on working out like not having the proper clothing for the job. Make sure you've packed your regular workout clothes, including shoes, so that you won't be able to sell yourself on any excuses for not working out due to lack of appropriate exercise attire.

3. Find out what exercise facilities are nearby.

Most hotels feature some type of fitness center or exercise room. If that's the case where you're staying, this will typically be your most convenient option. If your hotel's lacking an on-site workout facility, you can also check for exercise facilities within the general vicinity, like a YMCA or nearby gym or club. If there aren't any facilities available, you can always go swimming in the hotel pool. You can also ask the concierge or front desk worker if there are any walking or jogging trails in the area as well.

4. Small exercise equipment can make a big difference.

You don't necessarily need to have access to a room full of machines in order to get in a good workout. You can pack some resistance bands or a jump rope (or both), and work out in your hotel room. The resistance bands can provide you with an excellent strength training workout for your upper and lower body. The jump rope can give you an amazing cardiovascular workout. And both are light and packable enough to not put you over the airline weight limit or take up too much room in your suitcase.

5. Try body weight workouts.

But you don't really need any equipment at all to get in a good workout on vacation. There are several kick-butt workouts you can put together using nothing more than your body weight for resistance. For example, try a set of 10 burpees, 15 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20 sit-ups for a fairly intense full-body workout. You can repeat this set two or three times if you want to take the intensity up a notch.

6. Capitalize on exercise opportunities during regular activities.

You can get some great exercise on vacation just by getting outside and staying active. This could mean playing a round of beach volleyball with the family, chasing the kids around or going for a nice stroll around the local area. If your vacation includes a major theme park, you'll probably do a whole lot of walking, so don't forget to count that activity as part of your vacation exercise as well - just be sure to continue to make healthy eating choices throughout the day. 

7. Go on an exercise-friendly adventure. 

Working out on vacation is more fun when it's an adventure! You can go with your family on a cycling excursion using rented bikes, or try something even more daring like surfing, parasailing or rock climbing. Even a hike on a nearby nature trail is a great way to get your heart rate up while enjoying the local scenery. Find creative ways to incorporate fun physical activities into your vacation, and it will seem less like you're doing an "official workout" and more like you're just having fun.


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