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Tips for Planning an Active Vacation

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 6/9/16 7:00 AM


It's vacation season, and while the conventional line of thought is to take it as easy as possible while lying on the beach for a week, why not plan an active vacation? When you think about it, an active vacation can give you the opportunity to explore a new hobby or activity that you might be interested in, and keep your physical fitness on point at the same time. Below are some tips for planning an active vacation that will be fun, safe, and memorable.

1. Make a list of places and activities that inspire you.

What activity interests you, that perhaps you can't do where you live? What about going on a walking tour of an ancient city, climbing a mountain, biking across a long distance, going sea kayaking or whitewater rafting? Whatever you choose to do, try to pick an activity and/or location that will inspire you and encourage you to stay in motion.

Start compiling website links, notes, maps, brochures, etc. that will provide you with more information about each potential vacation spot, and begin narrowing down your choices. Be sure to gather plenty of online reviews if you're going to be using any particular service provider (e.g., guided tours, kayak rentals, etc.), so that you can get a good picture of how they do business. When it's all said and done, you'll have enough information to make a quality decision.

2. Choose your hotel carefully. 

When it comes to choosing your hotel, price should not be your only consideration. If you choose a hotel that's too far out of the way, you're probably going to do more driving, which can put a damper on your active trip. Pick a hotel in a convenient location, so you can remain within walking distance of all the local restaurants and attractions. And speaking of restaurants…

3. Choose your restaurants wisely.

It's much more difficult to have an active vacation when you're eating meals that are anything but healthy. Since it's very common for restaurants to feature high-carb, high-fat fare - especially in high-tourism spots - you'll need to be fairly selective with what you choose to eat. While there's nothing wrong with having a few treats here and there, you should still try to narrow down your restaurant options to those places that offer healthy menu choices as well. 

4. Make sure you're properly trained and equipped for your activities.

Whether you're parasailing or parachuting, snorkeling or spelunking, it's vitally important to ensure you've received the proper training and equipment to perform your chosen activity with adequate safety measures in place. Only work with reputable guides and outfitters, and make sure that you're physically up to the task through proper preparation and training.

For example, it would not be wise to go on an extensive cycling tour if you haven't been on a bike in years. In addition, it's a good move to check with your doctor before you go on your vacation to make sure any health concerns have been addressed. 

Taking an active vacation is an excellent idea, because the more physical activity you can incorporate into your life, the better. Keep the above tips in mind so you can have an epic active vacation that you'll never forget!


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