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The Ultimate Tennis Gift Guide

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 12/21/15 2:21 PM


The holidays are here, and if you've been looking for a gift for that special tennis lover in your life, you may feel uncertain as to where to start. You don't really want to go the "trinket" route, but you may not be able to swing those Centre Court tickets to Wimbledon either. So what can you do? Below are seven useful, memorable and non-cheesy gift ideas that will make this holiday special for your favorite tennis fan.

1. Babolat Pure Drive Play Tennis Racquet - High-tech sports equipment has become all the rage, and when it comes to tennis, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more tech-savvy and helpful tennis racquet than the Babolat Pure Drive Play. While most tennis fans will immediately recognize Babolat as a top-notch racquet manufacturer, the Babolat Play takes things a step further by actually providing you with feedback regarding your tennis game.

The Babolat Play's handle contains several integrated sensors that keep track of everything from ball impact, power and type of strokes (e.g., backhand, forehand, serve, etc.) to total play time, endurance, energy and consistency. This data is then collected and transmitted wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, or by way of a USB port located in the racquet's butt cap. Not only will this racquet perform as a premium piece of equipment, but it will help the user improve their game in the process.

2. String Thing Tennis String Straightener - There's a reason why you always see pro tennis players fiddling with their racquet strings after a point; it's because strings are almost always drifting out of alignment, and need constant readjustment. The String Thing Tennis String Straightener will make straightening racquet strings a breeze--it only takes about 20 seconds and a few swipes to get strings correctly straightened again, which can lead to better spin and more consistent racquet performance.

3. Adidas miCoach Speed Cell - For the tennis enthusiast, the Adidas miCoach Speed Cell is a highly useful piece of wearable tech. You can clip this gadget to the laces on your tennis shoe, and it tracks important game play metrics such as your distance, rallies and directional speed. After a great session out on the court, you can synchronize the Speed Cell to the miCoach MultiSport App to view and analyze your results.

4. Tennis All-Stars T-Shirt - Great for the ATP fan who wants to acknowledge the current greats in the game through fashion, this simply designed yet eye-grabbing T-shirt says everything it needs to say about who's running the men's pro tennis circuit today.

5. "A Game to Love: In Celebration of Tennis" Book - This collection of stunning tennis photos from Mike Powell, the renowned award-winning sports photographer, will be sure to fan the flames of any tennis lover's passion for the game. Described as a "love letter to tennis," this compilation of 500 extraordinary images captures everything that we love about the game of tennis--from star players and screaming coaches to notable spectators and "tennis fashion." This book will make a great addition to any serious tennis fan's library.

6. Tennis Cap or Visor - Every tennis player needs something to keep the sun out of his/her eyes, so why not make a notable fashion statement at the same time? Not only will a tennis hat or visor provide much-needed protection from the sun, but it will also help absorb sweat during an intense session on the outdoor court. Choose from a great selection of tennis hats and visors from top brands such as Nike, Lacoste, Wilson, Adidas, Prince, and K-SWISS, and many more to suit practically any taste.


7. Tennis Lessons - Learning to play tennis is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Not only is it something that you can do at any age, but there's practically no limit to the skills you can master. Whether your recipient is just starting out or is fairly experienced, why not look into getting some tennis lessons scheduled at Five Seasons? Present your gift with a print out of our free ebook "A Beginner's Guide to Playing Tennis!"

As you can see, there are plenty of great gifts available to appease the tennis lover in your life. If you're pressed for time, don't sweat it--for the gifts that are sold online, most retailers have express shipping services that can have your gift(s) safely in hand before Christmas. Just keep the above gift ideas in mind when shopping for your favorite tennis enthusiast, and you'll definitely put a smile on their face this holiday season!


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