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The Strengths of Yoga

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 10/11/18 9:33 AM

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The practice of Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and continues to be practiced for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Two of the most overlooked aspects of physical fitness have always been one’s mental strength and the need for stretching and muscle flexibility. Yoga combines the art of quieting the mind with the body’s intrinsic need of loosening the muscles. The poses that are held in traditional yoga not only can develop strong muscles, but they can allow your balance and reduce the risk of sports-related injury. Yoga masters can also pair yoga with meditation to achieve a state of transcendence, though it can take decades for a person to master these arts. If you have any interest in trying yoga, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club and join us for one of our expert-led classes!

Physical Benefits

Yoga has a multitude of benefits for your body and mind. Three of the main physical benefits are cardio and circulatory health, increased muscle tone and weight loss, and injury prevention. When people think of yoga, they do not usually think of a high-intensity workout, but the reality is that you can do a lot for your overall wellness through yoga. The poses that you hold will have you focus on your breath and will tax your overall strength, bolstering your cardio and circulatory health. This cardio strength will permeate through all of your exercises and let you go harder and do more sets than ever before.

As with any good workout, yoga promotes great muscle growth, especially in the hard to reach core muscles. There is a good reason that yoga instructors have killer abs, the main poses of any yoga routine will activate core muscles that are hard to reach with traditional exercises. Many poses also engage your glutes, legs, shoulders, and arms, making yoga a great full body workout that is low impact, making it easy on your joints! You can even do partners yoga, which is not only a great workout but is a phenomenal bonding experience.

Stretching is one of the core oversights most people have in their workout routines that can end up resulting in injury. Keeping your muscles loose and well stretched will keep you safe from tears, strains, and problems with lactic acid buildup. Yoga can help you with issues with soreness, flexibility, and will help you stay safe from common exercise-related injuries.

Mental Wellbeing

One of your biggest allies in any exercise plan is your mental strength. In competitive sports, getting in your opponent’s head, or mental environment can drastically affect their overall play and capabilities. Yoga trains you to quiet your mind, focus your efforts and find a direct route to the goals you want to achieve. If you have a hard time finishing out sets, thinking that you might not be able to do it, yoga can give you the mental fortitude to achieve goals you never thought you could achieve.

Yoga as a practice can boost your mental, physical, and spiritual health in ways you never knew you needed. Don’t be intimidated, at Five Seasons there are classes that range from beginners to experts that will guide you through the path to starting yoga. If you would like to learn more about yoga and try it for yourself, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today!

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