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The Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 2/28/19 1:47 PM

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Winter is finally coming to a close and chances are that things have piled up in your home through the cold weather. With spring right around the corner, it is time to break out the broom and start spring cleaning. Cleaning out the clutter that is scattered around your house and getting rid of excess clothes and supplies is not only good for your mental space; it can have some serious health benefits as well. Having a clean home is the first step in having a productive spring that will keep you energized and motivated. At Five Seasons Family Sports Club, we can help turn that energy and motivation into some serious results! Come in today to meet with one of our expert trainers or just shake off the winter rust.

Allergy Symptom Reduction

If you suffer from seasonal allergies to anything from dust to pollen, giving your house a thorough cleaning can greatly help alleviate your discomfort. In the U.S. alone, there are over 20 million people allergic to dust mites, which can cause anything from skin irritation to shortness of breath. The lack of good ventilation and the generally sedentary nature of winter has probably lead to some serious dust buildup in your house.

By grabbing a feather duster and a vacuum, you can easily reduce the dust levels in your home and bring back healthy air to breathe. Not only will you be removing dust but you will also be sweeping away pet dander and pollen, which are two leading causes of allergy symptoms. Remember to always get those hard to reach places like above the bookshelf, around lighting fixtures and molding, as they can become breeding grounds for these allergens.

Benefit Your Mental Health

We may not think about this much, but a clean living space can actually promote happiness, motivation, and good overall mental health. We have all heard that keeping a clean and orderly desk at work helps to keep us productive, well the same can be said for your home. If your home is clean and orderly, small projects suddenly seem much more manageable and big projects will stop stacking up.

In 2010, a study done by UCLA found that having a clean home can not only improve your mood but it can reduce your risk for depression as well. You can always boost your mood even further by donating some of that clutter to charity. Giving your old clothes away is a great way to give back to the community that is also tax deductible!

Get a Workout in

You will be amazed to see how many calories you can burn simply by cleaning your house. Vigorous activities like scrubbing your bathroom tiles for 30 minutes can easily burn over 200 calories. If you put all of your cleaning activities together and add in all the steps and stairs that you will be walking, you can get in your full daily workout while making your home functional and comfortable.

At Five Seasons, we want you to live your best life. By cleaning out your home, you can easily improve your daily life by increasing airflow in your house, eliminating allergens, and even getting in a good workout! Once you’ve taken care of the dirty work of cleaning out your house, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club and let us help you get ready for summer with some great workouts!

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