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Team Member Spotlight: Shannon Venable of Five Seasons Burr Ridge

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 12/12/14 3:01 PM

Shannon_Venable_Burr_RidgeWe asked Shannon Venable, the Aquatics Director in Burr Ridge, a few questions about her typical day, her favorite workout, how she stays motivated and more! Check it out!

1. How long have you been a member of the Five Seasons Burr Ridge team?

I began working at Five Seasons in Burr Ridge in March of 2013, so just about two years. My time with the club has challenged me in ways I never knew I could grow! I began working as the Head Private Swim Lesson Instructor where my position around the pool slowly evolved into taking on the position of Aquatic Director and Head Swim Coach. I'm also the club's Ballet Barre Fitness Instructor along with one of the Aqua Aerobics instructors. Beyond that, I also took on teaching/organizing/running our youth Ballet/Tap classes.

2. What’s a day in the life of an Aquatics Director look like?

A typical day at Five Seasons looks like me bopping around the club all day. I'm at the pool doing private coaching sessions and group classes, coaching swim team, running Aqua Aerobics, overseeing the pool staff. Then over to the two dance studios teaching Barre Fitness and Ballet/Tap classes, up to the office taking care of administrative responsibilities, stopping into daycare and sometimes the cafe to visit and feed my energetic 2-year-old girl and of course talking and visiting with members in between my crazy schedule! I have always been someone who operates at an extremely high and fast energy level. As an adult and newer mom, I feel so fortunate to be able to have a job that keeps my energy channeled toward being healthy and happy and that I can share it with families!

3. What do you love about the Five Seasons Burr Ridge members?

I love the level of diversity that makes up the club. My position allows me to interact with many different demographics - age, gender, interest and more. Every member is here at the club for a different reason, and there's a mission and goal unique to each person that helps create an atmosphere of such authenticity. You just don't get that at a gym where members monotonously go through the motions. The members here allow me to engage with them and find out their passions and struggles, making me strive to be the best I can be for them. It is truly a contagious cycle!

4. What’s your favorite workout?

My workout routine consists of quite a variety of fitness avenues, and after losing more than 50 pounds since working at Five Seasons, I have really come to appreciate and know the benefits of a varied routine. My Ballet Barre class, which is a ballet-inspired fitness class that I teach three times a week, isolates, strengthens and lengthens my muscles and helps with my posture, alignment and flexibility. I swim laps for my cardio and strength training since running is too high-impact for my hip after surgery in 2006. Being in and around the water is also a very therapeutic thing for me personally! I do my best to lift weights at least once a week in addition to barre and swimming laps. And lastly, there is not a day that passes where I do not practice yoga. Whether it's in a yoga class, in a studio practicing by myself or at home in the morning or night, I never allow my mat to go untouched. Yoga plays a big role in my strength mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel it provides a bridge between the mental and physical aspect of my workout and being a better me!

5. Favorite post-workout fuel?

I always carry a bag of organic granola with me. It provides a great source of protein and comes in tons of tasty different flavors! If I actually get the time, I might even pour some of that granola into a cup of raspberry Greek yogurt! Delicious!

6. One thing you always have with you in your workout bag?

Goggles, yoga mat, ballet slippers and protein powder! They are always guaranteed to be in my bag!

7. How do you stay motivated to live healthy?

To me, living healthy is not about trying to look good in a bathing suit. It's something that runs much deeper than that and is different for each individual. For me, I want to match who I am and how wonderful I feel on the inside with my physical exterior. I try to not be afraid what other people think of of my body and to use it in every way I can! I like to think that by filling up physically, mentally and spiritually and not keeping it for myself, but giving to others, I can live out of the overflow! The body is the greatest instrument you will ever own. Your health is more than striving for flat abs or being good at working out or sports, it is about being good at being you :)

8. What’s your favorite part about working at a True Club?

As I mentioned, it is the members that make the difference. The personal interactions and relationships that are formed because of the family-friendly environment leaves the club feeling warm, welcoming and inspiring rather than a building filled with people coming and going with little personal interaction. Family is where our journey begins, and I think it's safe to say that a club that targets and incorporates personal growth for everyone in a family is a wonderful place to be!


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