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Team Member Spotlight: Nida Hamilton of Five Seasons Burr Ridge

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/7/15 11:30 AM

Nida_HamiltonWe asked Nida Hamilton, Director of Junior Tennis at Five Seasons Burr Ridge, a few questions about her typical day, her favorite workout, how she stays motivated and more! Check it out!

1. How long have you been a member of the Five Seasons team?

I became the director of the junior tennis program in Burr Ridge in September of 2013.

2. What’s a day in the life of a Director of Junior Tennis look like?

I generally hit the gym in the morning before I come in to work in the early afternoon during the week. As the Director of Junior Tennis, I'm responsible for managing all aspects of the junior program including registration, organization and staffing. I teach private and group junior lessons six days a week, working with kids of all ages and levels. I am also the director of USTA tournaments at the club, running level 1s through level 5s throughout the year. I am in charge of sanctioning, organizing and running these USTA events. 

3. What do you love about the Five Seasons Burr Ridge members?

There's a great sense of community at Five Seasons. All the members and kids I teach understand that by working together everyone can achieve more. The kids in classes genuinely care about each other and there is very little drama, which makes for a great learning and playing atmosphere.

4. What’s your favorite workout?

Besides tennis, I'm also a state level natural bodybuilder, so I work out one-to-two hours a day, five-to-six days a week. I split my training sessions into back, hamstrings and calves, chest, arms, quads and glutes, and shoulders and traps. I would say my favorite workout session would be back - wide grip pull-ups are one of my favorite exercises.

5. Favorite post-workout fuel?

I always have a protein shake immediately after my workout and then a meal with real food an hour after that while my body is still recovering. My shake usually consists of double chocolate optimum gold standard protein, dextrose, creatine, glutamine and branch chain amino acids.

6. One thing you always have with you in your workout bag?

I always have my iPod and headphones. Studies have revealed that listening to music has been shown to improve workouts, and I never go to the gym without it.

7. How do you stay motivated to live healthy?

Competing once or twice a year natural bodybuilding competitions pretty much keeps me on point with my training and motivation. Most of the year I will eat whatever I want, but 16 weeks out from competing I'll change my diet to cut body fat.

8. What’s your favorite part about working at a True Club?

My favorite part about working at a True Club like Five Seasons Burr Ridge is having the ability to positively impact and motivate the members and students that I teach as well as other team members that I work with.


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