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Team Member Spotlight: Caroline Machado of Five Seasons Burr Ridge

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 12/6/14 9:30 AM

Caroline_Machado_Burr_RidgeWe asked Caroline Machado, who teaches Zumba classes in Burr Ridge, a few questions about her typical day, her favorite workout, how she stays motivated and more! Check it out!

1. How long have you been a member of the Five Seasons Burr Ridge team?

I have been with the club since May 2012.

2. What’s a day in the life of a Zumba® Fitness instructor look like?

Once I arrive and set up to teach my class, I try to interact with members and welcome them to my class. I believe that being available before and after class strengthens my relationship with them and makes classes better in the long run. They say attending is something they look forward to, not just because of the workout, but for the experience. We are more comfortable with each other and able to let loose and laugh. It’s still a party while we're getting our squats on!

3. What do you love about the Five Seasons Burr Ridge members?

I love how approachable and passionate members here are. In my time here over the last two and a half years, I have gotten to know so many of my students because they are open and interested in talking to me before or after class. Also, they constantly show their love for the club and their favorite classes. It’s heartwarming to hear their feedback.

4. What’s your favorite workout?

As a full-time Zumba® Fitness instructor, I absolutely adore the interval training cardio the program offers. It’s fun for me and always challenging because of the variety of moves involved. I do it when I’m not teaching as well. It's a true all-over workout. And even after multiple classes a day, six days a week, I definitely feel soreness (the good kind!) in my arms, obliques, legs, glutes, you name it, especially when I change routines. It’s great for weight-loss and toning things up! Aside from the above, planks and dips are simple and have proven to be effective.

5. Favorite post-workout fuel?

For me, it’s always different and depends on my mood. But hydration and protein are key factors in picking out my post-workout meal or snack. Coconut water and almond butter never disappoint.

6. One thing you always have with you in your workout bag?

Assuming I’m already wearing the wardrobe essentials, I would say my phone/iPod to play music. And water. Definitely, water!

7. How do you stay motivated to live healthy?

My motivation comes from how I feel when I workout and eat right. It feels amazing and I am a happier individual. Otherwise I'm sluggish and all-around not my best self.

8. What’s your favorite part about working at a True Club?

I work in a few sports clubs teaching my classes, but I have to say Five Seasons is my favorite one, and no, not because I am filling out this questionnaire at the moment. It’s where I teach the largest percentage of my classes, and I do absolutely love it here. My favorite part about working here is that I feel at home and surrounded by superb individuals, whether it be other staff or the members. I have personally grown and learned so much as a result of getting to know them. I also feel like I am respected and recognized for my professionalism and work here, which only motivates me to keep going and making my classes the best they can be.


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