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Spring Cleaning: Gym Bag Edition

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 3/21/17 9:00 AM


As we say our goodbyes to winter, it's customary to start thinking about cleaning up those not-so-often-cleaned areas of our home, but keep in mind that your gym bag might need some spring cleaning as well! Below are six simple tips you can keep in mind to give your gym bag a nice spring cleaning makeover. 

1. You should start by checking the condition of the bag itself. It might be on its last leg, or it could just need a good cleaning. If you have a washable bag, go ahead and toss that bad boy into the washing machine. For certain elements of the bag like vinyl zip pockets, you can use sanitation wipes to clean them out. If the bag is simply too old or too worn out, it's probably time to toss it out and buy a new one.

2. Like a car engine, your shoes cannot last indefinitely – they're good for about 400-500 miles tops, so if you've logged significant time and effort in your current pair of kicks, it's probably time to retire them (maybe even with a ceremony) and buy a new pair. If you're not quite sure whether it's that time yet or not, check for signs of wear such as the arch support flattening out, holes in the bottom, the rubber sole coming loose, or other common shoe maladies. Bottom line, if your shoes no longer provide a friendly environment for your feet when you're working out, it's time to get some new ones.

3. Gym socks are another element of your exercise gear that can easily fly under the radar, but if you neglect them, it can bring quite a bit of discomfort and inconvenience to your workout. Check the heels and toes of your socks to ensure that they're not thinning or developing holes, and if they are, go ahead and toss them out now. Try replacing them with workout-friendly socks, such as those that feature moisture-wicking material, or even socks with a grippy bottom for activities such as yoga or Pilates.

4. If you keep any kind of deodorizing material in your bag (e.g., baking soda, dryer sheets, etc.), go ahead and replace them to bring in a new dose of freshness.

5. Try to organize your gym bag essentials by designating certain pockets for certain types of accessories. For example, you could keep your fitness bands, clip-on timers or wraps in one pocket, and your phone, headphones and charger in another. And above everything else, don't forget to designate a pocket or two for snacks!

6. If you carry a yoga mat in your bag, keep in mind that it's probably made of some type of porous material, and it can easily become a veritable petri dish for all kinds of germs and bacteria. Make sure to give it a good cleaning with soap and warm water after each yoga session, and be sure to let it thoroughly dry before you roll it up and put it back in your bag. If your yoga mat is curling at the edges, thinning out way too much or otherwise showing significant signs of wear and tear, the best thing to do would be to toss it out and get a new one.

With the spring season fast approaching, you don't want to hit the gym with last year's dirt, debris, crumbs, and who-knows-what-else in your gym bag. Use the tips outlined above to give it a fresh new start for the spring season! 

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