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Spring and Summer Fitness at the Sports Club

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 5/14/15 3:42 PM


Now that warmer weather has arrived, we're finally coming out of hibernation, dusting off our workout clothes and creating new exercise plans that will break us out of the winter rut. In fact, you might be taking every opportunity you can to get outside and break a sweat!

But outdoor workouts don't have to be things you do on your own. Did you know there are tons of ways you can workout this spring and summer at your local sports club and still get plenty of fresh air? You'll have access to equipment you may not have at home, and you'll have a plan B for getting in a great workout in case the weather's not cooperating. Here's why a sports club like Five Seasons is a great choice for keeping up your spring and summer fitness.

Take the Inside Out!

If you just can't motivate yourself for yet another jog, then sports clubs are the best way to mix it up. You'll never get bored with all the different classes and sports facilities available. Whether you want to focus on cardiovascular health, strength training or improving your balance and stamina, you'll find just the right thing that will engage your mind, keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Aerobics - Heart health is the name of the game in aerobics classes. You'll work large muscle groups, which will strengthen your cardiovascular system and help build your endurance, while listening to great music! Some instructors will actually hold their classes outside on nice weather days.
  • Yoga - There are dozens of benefits that come with practicing yoga, from sharpening your mental clarity to increasing your strength and flexibility. Yoga will help you relieve stress, let out tension and slow down to focus on your well-being. Because not much is needed for yoga besides a mat, you may find that some instructors will take the class outside on warm, sunny days for a fresh perspective.
  • Aquatics - Hitting the outdoor pool for your workouts is a great way to work out outside while the weather's nice. Whether you plan to get in a few laps before going to work in the morning or you want to plan a fun swim day for the family, Five Seasons has an 8-lane, 25-meter swimming pool, a diving well and a wading pool for small children.
  • Personal training - Working with a personal trainer gives you complete access to all the equipment of your sports club, as well as the freedom to take it outside if you want! In fact, it's not uncommon for trainers to tailor certain workouts specifically for the outdoors.

Perfect Tennis Weather

At most sports clubs - including Five Seasons - tennis is an obsession. And this spring and summer is the perfect time to play! Tennis is a phenomenal workout, and a sport you can play at any age and any level of ability. Five Seasons features eight outdoor tennis courts (both clay and hard), as well as eight indoor courts, so you'll never get rained out! Whether you're just getting in a quick game with friends or honing your skills with tennis classes, now's the perfect time of year to pick up your racket!

There's Always Something to Do

Take one glance at a Five Seasons' spring/summer events calendar, and you'll quickly see that there's always something fun going on. From tennis matches to swim meets to patio parties, Five Seasons Family Sports Club offers plenty of fitness and social activities to keep you and your family having fun and staying fit all season long.


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