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Rainy Day Workouts: How to Mix Things Up When the Weather's Bad

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 8/19/16 9:12 AM


So Mother Nature decided to frown on your neck of the woods, and you're not able to enjoy a nice jog, a scenic bike ride or any other type of outdoor exercise. What can you do to still get in a good workout? Fortunately, there are several ways that you can log in a good sweat session while the weather rages. Try some of the following rainy day workouts the next time the weather doesn't cooperate.

1. Go swimming.

Indoor pools are always a great choice for those days when the weather outside isn't so pretty. Swimming is considered by many fitness experts to be one of the most beneficial types of physical exercise out there, because you work practically every muscle in your body without producing any adverse impact on your joints.

Five Seasons Family Sports Club offers an excellent indoor pool with a temperature that stays at a very comfortable 83 degrees, so you can have fun swimming some laps, or even trying out one of their water aerobics classes. With an indoor pool at your disposal, you can have an enjoyable water workout no matter what the weather looks like outside.

2. Try a spinning class.

You may not be able to hit the outdoor bike trail at the moment, but who's to say you can't do plenty of cycling indoors? There are a variety of workouts you can try on a stationary bike, including the uber-popular indoor cycling workout known as spinning.

In a spinning class, you work with the aid of an instructor who guides you through a series of cycling workouts designed to simulate biking on roads, hills, and trails, with fun and energetic music to boot. Five Seasons offers several spinning classes that will get you out of the weather, while still giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

3. Bodyweight exercises are always golden.

Classic bodyweight exercises provide you with plenty of pump for your heart and muscles and you can do them wherever you may be - at the gym, at home, in a hotel room, etc.

Try jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups, burpees, squats, and lunges for a basic full-body regimen that will leave no stone unturned. Employ your creativity to make these workouts more interesting by alternating sets or even performing consecutive exercises in a row with shorter reps per exercise.

For example, you could start off with 10 jumping jacks and immediately drop down into 10 mountain climbers, alternating this sequence for about 3 or 4 sets in a row. This alone will get your heart pumping, and you can continue to add more exercises as you see fit.

4. Get to steppin'.

Whether you attend an official step aerobics class like the ones offered at Five Seasons or make your own with a step (even the bottom of a staircase will do), you'll get in a great muscle-toning and cardio workout. To help keep yourself accountable or to banish new class jitters, invite a friend to do it along with you. You never know - you may just find your favorite new workout!

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