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Pool Protocol: Don't Let Your Kids Go to the Pool Without These Important Lessons

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 7/6/16 7:30 AM


Summertime and swimming go hand-in-hand, and for most kids on their summer break, there's hardly anything else they'd rather be doing than spending time at the pool. While we all want our kids to have plenty of super-fun, splashtastic swim sessions, safety should always be a top priority any time kids are in or near the water. Below are some easy-to-follow pool safety tips you can teach your kids so they can enjoy their time at the pool and you can stay worry-free.

1. Never swim without adult supervision.

No child should ever be allowed to swim unsupervised, even for very short periods of time. Even if your kid is a fantastic swimmer, it's still possible for him/her to get into a predicament where they might need some help. Let your child know that if no adult is present, they are not allowed to swim, period.

2. If any problem arises, tell an adult.

When your child is at the pool, there could be any number of things that might require an adult's intervention, so let your child know that they should seek out an adult's help if any problem arises.

3. No running!

Pools are a slippery place, so it's not a wise idea to run anywhere near the pool. Your child could slip/trip and fall, possibly causing injury to themselves or to others. 

4. Check the depth of the water before you do any diving.

Unfortunately, there have been quite a few tragic incidents where children have gotten seriously injured or even killed by diving head-first into unsuspectingly shallow water. Let your child know that they should only dive from the side that has the diving board, and nowhere else. 

5. Keep toys away from the pool area if not in use. 

It's fairly easy for someone to trip over a pool toy lying around the pool area. You don't want anyone to get hurt, so make sure they put toys away when they're not using them. 

6. Learn how to reach for help.

An important safety protocol is to teach your child how to reach for a pole or a life preserver that's being thrown to them, so they can know how to properly respond if they ever find themselves struggling in the water. 

7. No horseplay!

While you want your child's pool time to be enjoyable, they have to know that horseplay can be dangerous. Make sure to teach them not to engage in any rough or rowdy play when they're in or around the pool.

8. Stay away from drains and suction outlets.

Pool drains can create a vacuum effect that's strong enough to hold a child to the bottom of a pool, so this is something that your child should definitely be aware of when swimming. Let them know to stay away from all drains and suction outlets.

Proper training and education is the key to ensuring that your child stays safe when they're at the pool. Be sure to review these pool protocol items with them, so their swim sessions will be a fun and worry-free experience for them and you!


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