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Is a Group Fitness Class Right for You?

Posted by Caroline Machado on 6/12/15 1:52 PM


For the past four years, I have been putting the “fun” into getting fit by teaching Zumba® Fitness. I am exceedingly passionate about bringing international flavors to participants and helping them achieve their goals in a non-threatening environment. If you're wondering if you should take a group fitness class, read on!

Here are a couple common questions I get asked as a Group Exercise Instructor:

Q: I’m not in shape or coordinated. Do you have a beginner class?

A: The vast majority of times, there is no designated “beginner” version of a class, and that’s OK. A qualified group exercise instructor should demonstrate the exercise at different levels and intensity for both the beginner and advanced students, and everyone in between.

The more you take a certain class, the easier it will be to follow along and you'll be progressing into more challenging moves before you know it. The best part about a group fitness class is that each person can work out in their own fitness level and modify the exercise to meet their own needs.

Q: I struggle with motivation to work out and give up after a month. What can I do to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle?

A: When you're starting a workout routine it can be easy to find motivation to get up and move. But when you've been doing it a while, that's when you really start to need a push. So, it's of absolute importance, when looking to maintain a workout regimen and healthy lifestyle, to choose an activity that is both effective and enjoyable. Now, I mean “enjoyable” not in terms of an “easy” workout, but rather something that keeps you engaged and coming back for more.

I have quite a few participants in my classes who always found themselves giving up on working out after a short period of time, until they found out how fun it can be to stay in shape with group fitness. They fell in love with the class format because it didn’t feel like a chore to them, and yet they were still feeling and seeing results by coming regularly.

Several members in my class have dropped a significant amount of weight just by sticking with the class. One just recently fit into her “skinny” jeans and it was all because she maintained her activity level by doing something that she really looked forward to.

It's true that everyone is different, and what one person loves might not be for another. The trick is to just try different classes and find what moves and motivates YOU.

Caroline_Machado_Burr_RidgeCaroline Machado is a Group Exercise Instructor at Five Seasons Burr Ridge. Find out more about Caroline here!

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