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How to Prevent Tennis Shoulder

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/15/19 4:19 PM

iStock-884678986 630If you play tennis, you know how important your physical health is for you to play at your highest level. The two most common injuries that people experience playing tennis is tennis elbow and tennis shoulder. Both of these issues can be aided by implementing a stretching and strength training regimen into your workout plan. By strengthening the muscles that you are using you will put less strain on your joints, tendons, and your body overall. It is important to learn how to target these specific muscle groups for both strength training and stretching. If you are looking for the best ways to avoid injuries and take your tennis game to the next level, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today!

Strengthening Your Muscles

In order to efficiently avoid injuries, you must first lay the foundation for success. By strengthening your most used muscles, you can take a lot of the strain off your overworked joints. The locations that need to be targeted most are the elbows and the shoulders. We will be focusing on the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder here. These three easy exercises can greatly assist your shoulder strength.


Rowing is a great way to build back and shoulder muscles. This exercise can easily be achieved with a rowing machine, a resistance band, or even a boat if you have the resources! If you want to target your shoulders even more you can try elevated rowing by affixing your resistance band to a higher location and row from the top down across your chest.

Reverse Fly

This simple exercise can be achieved with the help of some simple dumbbells. Simply grab two light weights, bend forward at the waist and keep your back straight. From there, lift each weight up and away from your chest as if you were opening a newspaper. There is no need to overdo it with weight, as you don’t want to do more damage to your shoulders.

Lawn Mower Pull

This exercise is done exactly as it sounds. Simply step one foot on a resistance band and use one hand to pull the resistance band up like you were starting your lawn mower. This exercise helps directly target your rotator cuff without weirding out your neighbors by starting your lawn mower over and over again.

Rotator Cuff Stretches

Once you have laid the groundwork and strengthened your rotator cuff muscles you need to make sure that you are stretching out and warming up these muscles. It is best to try to set aside 5-10 minutes before each match or training session to really stretch out your shoulder and elbow. It is also a good idea to do a brief warmup before stretching to further avoid any potential injuries.

If you are prone to tennis elbow or tennis shoulder, make sure you are getting the help that you need. At Five Seasons Family Sports Club, each of our locations has resident tennis experts that can help you evolve as a player. Come in today to see how we can help you master tennis!

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