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How to Get Fit for Your First 5K

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 8/22/14 6:00 AM


For an uninitiated runner, training for a 5K race may seem like an incredibly daunting task. But getting in shape and training for a 3.1 mile run is not as difficult as you may think. Here’s what you can expect when it comes to training and getting fit for your first 5K.

Set expectations for your first 5K race

For starters, you need to make sure you know what to expect, especially if you aren’t used to running. Check out the course either online or in person to see what kind of hills and terrain you’ll have to face. Then, set some goals and devise a plan for training. If you’d like to run the entire time, your training will look different than if your plan is to do a combination of walking and running. Consider working with a trainer or a run coach who can help you create a training schedule. And check out Five Seasons member Mark Wright's blog posts on two of his first 5Ks - the Cincinnati Flying Pig 5K and The Color Run - for some inspiration!

Are you fit enough?

Before committing to training for a 5K race, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor, especially if you’ve suffered from certain conditions, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, blood clots, chest pain or hernias. Once you get the “all clear,” your first goal should be to achieve a base level of fitness. Most 5K training schedules include five to seven weeks of training, so in order to complete a training schedule to the best of your ability and not give up, you’ll need to work on other things besides just running.

Besides working with a trainer and sticking to a training program, here are some other tips that will help you get fit for your first 5K:

  • Eat right: Eating the right foods and having a balanced diet is equally important to training for the race. While you’re training, the foods you eat will help keep your energy and endurance up. When it comes to race time, try to eat small meals one day before the actual race and have a good balanced meal three to four hours before the race.
  • Get the right gear: All your training may be in vain if you have the wrong shoes. Even though it’s only a little more than three miles, your race will be significantly impacted by the shoes you wear to train and run. Also, choose clothing that offers mobility, breathability and comfort.
  • Work on endurance: Whether you plan to run the whole race or not, you’ll have to develop endurance, especially if running isn’t a common exercise for you. Start by running 15 minutes without stopping. Each day, add a little more time. Also, try to add in some resistance training with your running.
  • Stretch: In order to make sure your muscles are properly warmed before you take off on your runs, do some dynamic stretching exercises, making sure to focus on the muscle groups in the legs. Then, when you’re finished, stretch again.
  • Find a buddy: Running with a friend is much more enjoyable than running alone! The two of you can motivate each other to keep going and hold each other accountable on the days you don’t feel like training.


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