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How Learning a Sport Together Can Help Your Family Reconnect

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 5/25/16 7:30 AM


One of the unfortunate realities of the modern ultra-busy American household is the lack of quality time spent together as a family. Although everyone lives together under the same roof, we're often miles apart in terms of having a genuine connection with one another.

The unsettling effects of this trend include negative impacts on the health and well-being of each family member, so a family that's developed strong relational connections is going to be a healthier household. If you feel like your family has been lacking a strong bond, one of the most powerful ways to help your family reconnect is to learn a sport together. Below are four important benefits that you can look forward to when you decide to make learning a sport a family affair.

1. You'll have plenty of opportunities to laugh.

There's something about sharing a laugh that creates a relational bridge between human beings. When you're learning a new sport, you'll probably get plenty of opportunities to laugh together, especially if none of you have any previous experience with the sport in question.

Whether it's basketball, tennis, soccer, or Frisbee golf, you'll find plenty to chuckle about, from missed shots and flubbed plays to those odd moments of complete chaos on the field or court. This can create a fun and memorable experience, as long as nobody takes themselves too seriously. Encourage each family member to loosen up and remember that nobody's training for the Olympics here--you're just looking to have some fun and enjoy the time spent together as a family.

2. You'll learn more about each other's personality.

This is one of the most valuable by-products of spending time playing a sport together. You'll start to notice who among you is the go-getter, the strategist, the team player, the leader, etc. You'll get a good feel for what makes each family member tick, and you can work on recognizing and commending each other's strengths, which creates a greater sense of family camaraderie.

These insights that you pick up during play time can definitely come in handy in other day-to-day life situations, and they can many times help you learn how to better relate to other family members when dealing with more serious issues.

3. You'll develop significant relationship equity.

When you're learning a sport together, the time spent with your family is a powerful investment that creates relationship equity with each of your family members. You might even find that certain issues regarding mutual respect or abiding by the rules of the house will begin to improve, because each member of the family feels a strong connection with the other, creating a deeper sense of loyalty that becomes difficult to violate.

4. You'll get healthier together.

When you learn a sport together, each family member will improve their overall physical health and fitness. By choosing a sport with relatively low barriers to entry such as tennis, you can curb some of the frustrations of the learning process, which will keep everyone focused on having fun.

The easiest way to get everyone started off on the right foot is to take beginners tennis classes, such as the ones offered by Five Seasons Family Sports Club. With their staff of experienced professional instructors, your family will develop a basic set of tennis skills in an encouraging, low-pressure environment. This allows everyone to enjoy themselves while getting some good exercise in the process.

The family that plays together stays together. If you're looking for a way to strengthen your family bond, find a sport that you can all learn to play together.


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