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Get the Energy of a Personal Trainer with These 5 Habits

Posted by Mike Lee on 10/26/14 8:00 PM


We asked Five Seasons Dayton Personal Trainer Mike Lee to share some of his best tips for healthily maintaining his energy levels throughout the day. Check out what he does to go strong all day long!

I used to refer to myself as a naturally tired person. I would take a nap daily from middle school though high school. Other people had energy that I could not even imagine having, and I never really gave it much thought. Honestly, it wasn’t until right now, after typing up 90 percent of this article (the bottom 90 percent) that I even remembered this. I am not a tired person now. I can’t tell you every single thing that has contributed to this; however, here are five habits that I have incorporated into my life within the last six months that I know have had a positive impact on my daily energy levels.

1. Don’t snooze.

I am a recovering snoozer. Therefore, I can say from experience: if you don’t snooze, keep it up. If you do snooze, stop cold turkey. Get some accountability, such as arranging with someone that you'll send them a text message every morning saying that you succeeded. This is what I did. The other person doesn’t even have to respond. Warning: the first day is terrible!

2. Eat protein for breakfast.

I used to eat so many carbs for breakfast, but truthfully protein wakes me up better. I scramble about eight eggs and eat half right away and put the other half in a container for a couple hours later. I may eat some toast or oatmeal also, but I have noticed a big difference in my day by adding the protein.

3. Have a morning routine.

I wake up at 4:15 a.m. most mornings (without snoozing - now). I say a little prayer, take a shower, eat my breakfast, and read my devotional before I head out the door at 5:10 a.m. I am clean, full, calm and collected, mentally awake and ready for the day in less than an hour. Sometimes a little green tea gives me boost, too.

4. Pack your lunch.

My options are either to pack a lunch, spend time in the middle of the day making lunch or go out to eat. Since one of these is quick and easy, it's often the option of choice. But it's not always the most healthy or cost-effective. I like to have left-overs for lunch. Veggie chili is one of my personal favorites - look for that recipe to come soon! I've found that my day just goes by so much better when I am prepared for that mid-day hunger to kick in, and I don’t have to spend the extra time or money to get past it.

5. Get to bed early.

If I go to bed at 10 p.m., it's too late. This might seem crazy. Most of my clients go to bed sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. and I will admit, sometime within the past two years I was right there with them. But now, my bedtime is between 8:30-9:30 p.m. That might not work for you. You may even work night shift and sleep during that day. Regardless of your schedule, sleep is important - probably more important than a lot of us realize. Therefore, I would pick a time and stick to it as best as you can. Since I'm not a snoozer anymore and stick to a morning routine, I can't extend my sleep in the morning. Which means that I have to hit the sack a little bit earlier to get an adequate amount of sleep.

These tips may not be revolutionary, but I've found that they've made a huge difference in the way that I feel and flow throughout my day. If you can't commit to all five right away, pick one and implement it for a month so that it becomes a habit. Assess how it feels and then move onto the next.


Mike_LeeMichael Lee (NASM-CPT) has a B.S. Exercise Science and is a Level 2 Expert Trainer at Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Dayton. Mike has a passion for health and wellness. He understands what it takes to help others reach their goals and do it in a way that allows them to have fun. He is nationally certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is an ambassador for being active and eating well. If your goal is to increase strength, lose weight or just get into better overall health, Mike will help you on your journey. His specialties include weight training, general fitness and weight loss.


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