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Getting more Power and Speed out of your Forehand

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 2/7/19 2:19 PM

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Having a strong and efficient forehand is one of the most crucial components of any good tennis game. By mastering this simple stroke, you can greatly increase your power and your overall ball speed. One of the best ways to increase your power and speed is by putting topspin on your shots. Topspin will make the ball accelerate upon contact with the ground, not only increasing your ball speed, but also making your shots vastly less predictable. Your forehand is one of the most frequently used shots in tennis so it is important to spend time building this fundamental skill. If you would like to learn from an expert or join a tennis class, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today!


Topspin is one of the best ways to increase your power and speed on the court, but mastering this skill can be difficult. In order to use topspin efficiently, you have to learn how to control it and utilize it across the stretch of a game. You can give your shots topspin easily; you just have to learn the shot. By bringing your racket forwards and upwards while you swing, you will naturally create topspin on your shots. The amount of topspin you get will be determined by the angle at which the ball hits your racket and how much you elevate your racket. We can break this stroke down into three separate motions: trunk rotation, lifting your legs, and elevating your shoulder.

Trunk Rotation

Trunk rotation is immensely important for any tennis shot. The rate at which you rotate your trunk and the strength you contain in your core muscles can make your shots much more powerful. A strong forehand requires loose and strong core muscles. Start your game with a solid 10 minutes of stretches and warmups with a specific focus on your trunk, shoulders, elbows, and legs.

Using Your Legs

The best way to put topspin on your shot is by elevating your racket while you swing. This elevation is gained through two simple motions, by extending your legs and lifting your shoulder. You should always be in a ready position while playing tennis. This ready position should involve a bend in your knees, resting on the balls of your feet, and a bend in your elbows. By straightening your legs during your swing you will naturally elevate, which in turn puts natural topspin and extra speed on your shot.

Elevate Your Shoulder

The third component of putting topspin on your forehand is elevating your shoulder. A strong follow through will have a natural elevation of your shoulder, and you should never fight the natural momentum of your swing. Simply put these three components together and you will be able to easily integrate topspin into your game.

Tennis can be frustrating, especially when you stop learning and just keep trying the same techniques over and over again. If you want to learn more about how you can take your tennis game to the next level come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today!

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