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Get the Most Out of Your 2018 Fitness Calendar with These Tips

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/2/18 9:00 AM

As we embark on yet another 365-day journey, we’re surrounded by individuals proclaiming that this is the year they finally take control of their health and fitness by getting in better shape. What separates those who follow through on their goal from those who fall off the wagon by the time the snow melts?  Quite simply, a plan.

Five Seasons is passionate about helping you stick to your resolutions for 2018, so we’re offering a FREE downloadable Fitness Calendar to keep you on track all year long. Use these tips when filling out your calendar and be one of the few who maintain those January ambitions

1. Treat Workouts as "Appointments"

You would never consider missing that doctor’s appointment written in your daily planner because you’re tired or too busy to make it. Take the time to write down the days you’ll be visiting the gym and then make it a priority. When you allow yourself to think that workout days are ‘negotiable,’ you risk falling behind. While there may be days when missing a workout is inevitable, if you’re sitting on the couch trying to justify skipping for the day, think about how much better you’ll feel after the gym.

2. Track Your Goals and Progress 

Each individual has their own set of fitness goals. By clearly defining the changes you hope to make, you’ll be able to better track your progress along the way. By nature, having a tangible goal gives us an extra push and added motivation that we may not otherwise possess. Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or to compete in a half marathon by summer, it’s not all going to happen at once.  At the beginning of each month, write down one measurable fitness objective in your calendar and then evaluate your progress at month’s end.

3. Know Your Nutrition 

If you’re going to be putting in the time at the gym, don’t let it all go to waste at the dinner table. You don’t need to include every aspect of your diet on your fitness calendar, but by clearly defining your ‘cheat days,’ you’ll have a better chance at keeping them to a healthy minimum. For example, highlight one day per week to have a meal (or two) that ordinarily wouldn’t be part of your everyday diet. This will allow you to feel rewarded for your hard work and give you the motivation to hold off on the burger and fries until your cheat day rolls around.

With the right planning, every individual is capable of attaining his or her fitness goals in 2018. By utilizing the fitness calendar, you’re already ahead of the game and on your way to success. Stick to what you write down and even if you do get off track, the only real failure is in giving up. Always remember that the Five Seasons team is behind you every step of the way – Happy New Year!

Get fit for the New Year with our 2018 Fitness Calendar!

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