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Get in Tennis Shape for Spring

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 3/7/19 4:25 PM

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Winter is coming to a close and that means that outdoor tennis leagues are ramping back up. If you haven’t been keeping up with your tennis exercise routine, now is the time for you to jump back in to keep your competitive advantage. Tennis is a full body exercise, and that means that you need to be working out your entire body, namely your legs, your core, and your shoulders. By having a strong level of fitness as spring rolls in you can help yourself prevent easily avoidable injuries. Chronic injuries like tennis shoulder or tennis elbow are often caused by a lack of support from muscle groups and a lack of stretching and warm ups. If you want to learn great exercise routines that will take your spring tennis game to the next level, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club to meet with one of our elite tennis trainers today.


Doing workouts and running drills to ensure that your legs are strong and fast is one of the best ways to step your tennis game up. Your leg strength with greatly help with your ability to play longer games and will even increase the overall velocity of your shots with correct footing. If you are looking to put on lean and functional leg muscle, try incorporating weighted squats into every other workout. You want to give your legs time to recover from these tough workouts, so make sure that you add rest days in for your legs.

Tennis is a game played in short bursts where speed is key to success. Endurance is important, which you can easily help by taking long runs or extended practice games. If you are looking to extend your reach and your ability to hit tough shots, speed drills are the best way to quickly improve. Drills like tip drills and the four-ball pick-up drill can help you reach even the toughest of shots. If you are looking to get the most out of your time doing drills, try training with one of our great tennis trainers.


Unlike your legs, your core is resilient and can actually be exercised every day. That means that every time you come into the gym you can easily set aside 10-15 minutes to do some simple core exercises. Core exercises range from simple planks to weighted crunches and can be as difficult as you would like. By strengthening your core, you will see greater velocity in your serves and returns.


Two of the most common injuries in tennis are tennis shoulder and tennis elbow. These injuries are caused by the overwork of the joints, usually in your dominant hand, caused by a lack of support from the surrounding muscle groups. By adding in shoulder strength training into your routine you can help avoid the lingering pain caused by these chronic injuries.

If you are looking to shake off the winter cobwebs and hit spring tennis in stride, now is the time to come in and start hitting the gym. Come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today to meet with one of our elite tennis trainers.


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