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Body-Trimming Tips for Busy Moms

Posted by Patrick Kamara, Fitness Director on 9/17/14 6:30 AM


Although the kids may be lamenting summer’s end, moms everywhere are rejoicing the return of a regular schedule…and the return of sanity. This year, let the sweet relief of “back to school” afford you the opportunity to take care of yourself and to work on your own health and fitness goals. I have been a trainer for more than 10 years and found that most moms' fitness goals involve the midsection, hips, glutes and the tummy. The miracle of carrying children often coincides with the “miracle” of a stubborn belly pooch!

Although there are many underlying reasons for a persistent tummy pooch, including the fact that the skin is stretched and may never fully return to pre-baby elasticity, there are several simple things you can also do along with your workout routine that will help you get your body back to the way you want it.

Make the Most of Your Workouts

For moms, finding the time and energy to maintain a workout regimen is often challenging. Between work, raising children, running a household and maintaining relationships, finding the time to workout can be difficult. Fit more total-body movement into your day by attaching a quick fitness routine to something you already do multiple times per day. Add 40-50 squats, 40-50 push-ups and 40-50 triceps dips to your day and see results without having to put in extra time at the club.

Get Enough Sleep

Now that the kids are back in school, you’re likely spending some time creating a new schedule to accommodate after school activities, etc. But remember to fit yourself and your needs into the schedule as well! While you’re in “schedule mode,” spend some time figuring out ways for you to prioritize sleep. Lack of sleep can add bulk to your middle in two ways: First, when you’re sleep-deprived, you lack the energy and stamina required for maintaining a solid fitness program. Secondly, lack of sleep is a stressor to the body. 

Keep a Food Diary

With a busy schedule, sometimes it's difficuly to apply common sense when it comes to what you eat and when you eat. Sometimes you're just completely unaware! A simple way to track what you eat is by writing down what you consume in a journal. Look back at the beginning of every day and try to improve and eat better than you did the day before.

Feeling like you could use a little extra help to achieve your goals? We're here for you! Stop by and see one of our professional fitness trainers to help you get on a program designed just for you, your goals and your schedule this fall.

Patrick_KamaraPatrick Kamara is the Fitness Director at Five Seasons Family Sports Club. Patrick graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors in Kinesiology with a minor in Sports Management. He holds numerous fitness certifications including AFPA Advanced Personal Trainer, Kickboxing and ACE Personal Trainer. With 11 years of personal training experience, Patrick has developed high intensity fitness programs that have produced a large following, including Bootcamp and TRX classes.


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