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Eliminate Unwanted Calories from Your Favorite Sandwich

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 6/8/17 9:30 AM

Ever since the Earl of Sandwich came up with the bright idea to stick a piece of ham between two pieces of bread, human beings the world over have enjoyed the delightful convenience of eating sandwiches as a quick and simple meal. Sandwiches are incredibly versatile as well, since you can shove practically any conglomeration of ingredients between two pieces of bread and make it your own special sandwich concoction. The only problem with having this "creative liberty" is that it's all too easy for the calorie count to get out of control. If you want to enjoy a delicious sandwich without blowing your diet to smithereens, keep the following techniques in mind to eliminate unwanted calories from your favorite sandwich. 

1. The Bread

If there's one aspect of sandwich making where the well of creativity never seems to run dry, it would definitely be the bread. There is a seemingly infinite variety of sandwich breads on the market to fit practically any preference, from honey wheat and 12-grain to seeded rye and pumpernickel. If you're looking to reduce the amount of empty calories in your sandwich, your best bet is to stay away from breads that are made from refined white flour. Instead, opt for whole grain breads that have high fiber content, and pay special attention to the amount of sugar contained in each slice. While it's a rare thing to find sandwich bread that contains zero sugar, you should do your best to steer clear of varieties that feature three (or more) grams of sugar per slice, as this is nothing more than empty calories.

2. The Meat

When it comes to calorie content, not all sandwich meats are created equal. As you might expect, cold cuts that have a high fat content – e.g., salami, pastrami, corned beef, etc. – are going to pack a caloric punch. For this reason, it's better for you to stick with lean meats such as turkey, chicken breast or even certain varieties of ham. It is important to pay attention to portion size as well, as piling on endless slices of lunch meat is going to turn your sandwich into a "calorie bomb." To better manage your cold cut calorie count, shoot for a 3-ounce portion of lunch meat per sandwich.

3. The Cheese

To cheese or not to cheese is always the question. Since the average slice of cheese is going to add about 100 calories to the mix, you definitely want to limit yourself to only one slice per sandwich. You can also opt for lower-calorie cheeses such as mozzarella or Swiss, or even a Feta cheese crumble. 

4. The Veggies

Now here's an area of sandwich making where you really can't go wrong. Not only are vegetables a nutrient-dense addition to your meal, but they're low in calories per serving as well. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a veggie-infused nutrition boost to your sandwich is by including one or two leaves of lettuce (green leaf, romaine and red leaf are popular choices) along with a couple of slices of tomato. But the veggies don't have to stop there you can also top off your sandwich with shredded carrots, thinly sliced cucumbers and/or sandwich-sliced pickles. This will greatly increase the nutritional value of your sandwich without excessively inflating the calorie content. 

5. The Condiments

Of all the ingredients that comprise the average sandwich, condiments are the ultimate Achilles heel in terms of adding unwanted calories to your meal. One of the worst offenders is obviously mayonnaise, but certain oils and deli-style sauces can also boost the calorie count as well. If you can't foresee a mayo-less sandwich in your future, try drastically reducing the amount of mayo that you spread on each slice, and consider using mustard or rice wine vinegar spray as a lower-calorie but highly flavorful condiment to make up the difference. 

You don't have to sacrifice good health or nutrition in order to enjoy a tasty sandwich. Use the above ideas to help you put together a delicious lower-calorie sandwich that will fill you up while keeping your diet standards intact.

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