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Fit These 5 Easy Calorie Cutting Techniques Into Your Fall Schedule

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 9/22/14 9:03 PM


Summer's over - you've made it through the season of vacations, weddings, graduation ceremonies, cookouts and other events where food is usually a focus. Just in time for the crazieness of fall schedules! Whether you ate your way sensibly through the summer or overindulged on high-calorie foods in the name of celebration, why not start fall out on the right foot with these five easy calorie-cutting techniques?

With schedules ramping up, it can be easy to choose foods that are quick but not quality or miss workouts on a regular basis. From snacking through the day instead of eating a healthy lunch, to staying at work late and going out to eat more often, to enjoying a night on the town or dinner out with friends and family, the reasons to lose track of your health are endless. Try these calorie-decreasing tips to help you stay on your path to a healthy life style.

  1. Consume a small protein shake 30 minutes before meal time. This will help curb your appetite and allow you to eat in moderation.
  2. If you find yourself at a restaurant, try taking half of your meal and placing it in a to-go box before consumption.
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to decrease cravings.

Remember, it’s okay to enjoy yourself, but remember to practice portion control. The above techniques will help decrease your appetite and prevent overeating.

There are things we can do to help expend calories as well:

  1. When you do get your schedule under control, be sure to make workouts a priority. Be as consistent with your exercise routine as possible when you’re on a normal schedule.
  2. When you’re out and about away from home, try to find a way to get in just 30-minutes of activity. Whether it’s cardio, strength training or another form of activity, it’s important to get in some type of exercise when you can. Even if you walk the stairs at work during your lunch break, walk or bike instead of taking a cab or driving, actively play with your kids at the park during an errand day or right after school - it all counts and it all expends calories.

When a busy season comes along, it may not be the best time to try to launch into a new fitness goal. Try to maintain the progress you've already made by following these techniques until you can get back to a normal schedule of working out and preparing healthy meals.


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