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6 Alternative Goodies to Pass Out during Trick-Or-Treat

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 10/18/17 2:20 PM


Halloween is right around the corner, and for kids, it means one thing – candy! As kids prepare to fill their pillowcases, bags and buckets to the brim with sugary treats, you may be wondering if there are alternatives that will still excite the little ghouls and goblins as they set out on Halloween night. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun, budget-friendly options out there! Below are some ideas that are sure to be a hit with both the neighborhood kids and their parents.

1. Frightening Frills 

You can never have too many accessories on Halloween! Stick to the Halloween theme by picking up plastic jewelry featuring Halloween favorites like pumpkins, spiders, skulls and black cats. For something a little less spooky, look for glamorous baubles adorned with rhinestones, hearts and plastic beads. Or help the kids get silly by handing out pirate eye patches, glow-in-the-dark fingers, vampire fangs, folding fans and glow-in-the-dark necklaces. When it comes to passing out accessories, you have plenty of options. Plus, you can typically buy all of these items in bulk at your local party store, or in the Halloween goodie bag section of your favorite retailer.  

2. Temporary Tattoos

What kid doesn’t love rocking a temporary tattoo? When it comes to Halloween themes the options are endless. You can find everything from realistic-looking vampire bites to cartoonish witches, pumpkins, zombies and more. If you want to go with a less spooky theme, keep an eye out for superhero, princess and animal options.

3. Crazy Crafts

Parents love it when their children stretch their creative muscles, as long as it doesn’t involve adding their personal touch to the house or furniture! Kiddos have been collecting and trading stickers for decades. And, can you blame them? Stickers are a fun way to add a bit of flair to everything from clothes to school supplies and everything in between. Plus, like temporary tattoos, there are hundreds of options. You can also keep an eye out for miniature containers of Play-Doh, stencils, stamps and more. 

4. Spooktacular School Supplies

What child doesn’t love getting new school supplies? This practical and fun option is always a hit. When it comes to ideas, consider Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, colorful pens, sharpeners and rulers. This is a treat that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of the neighborhood kids long after their candy is gone.

5. Ghastly Games

Keep the little ones entertained all year by filling your candy bowl with miniature toys they can play with in the car, on the playground or at home. Yo-yos, maze games, bouncy balls, puzzles, and tops are great options that kids can play with no matter the time of year. To encourage the kiddos to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold, consider passing out bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls and squirt toys.

6. Sensible Snacks

Did you know one fun-size KitKat bar has 70 calories, one fun-size packet of M&M’s has 73 calories and one Reese’s cup has a whopping 110 calories? While this information means little to nothing to youngsters, parents know how easy it is for little ones to overindulge. Help parent’s cut down their child’s consumption of empty calories and sugar on Halloween night by passing out boxes of raisins, packages of pretzels, string cheese or granola bars, to name a few options.  

Candy is a fun part of Halloween, but it’s all about moderation, as with anything else. If you want to help parents cut down on the inevitable candy stash, keep these alternative ideas in mind this Halloween!

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