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4 Gadgets to Improve Your Tennis Game

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/31/17 9:00 AM

iStock-108348869.jpgAre you struggling to take your tennis game to the next level? Has your "game, set, match" become "game, set, botch?" If so, take heart: Technology is now on your side. Below are 4 handy tennis-focused tech gadgets that will help you improve your game.

1. Babolat POP

Billed as a smart wristband that is "totally dedicated to tennis," the Babolat POP is essentially wearable tech for the tennis court. You can pair the POP wristband with your smartphone and begin collecting a wide range of performance data, including serves, volleys, racquet speed, forehands, backhands, spin, play time, shots per minute, and more.

Based on a proprietary scoring system developed by the French sports intelligence firm PIQ, the POP will combine various aspects of your stroke (e.g., style, swing speed and spin) into one number that you can use as a gauge for your performance. All you have to do is put the POP on your dominant wrist and insert the sensor, and you can start monitoring and tracking all of the vital aspects of your game. 

2. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

This handy gadget is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can you can fit to the bottom (a.k.a. butt cap) of your racquet handle. The Smart Tennis Sensor uses highly sophisticated motion detection technology in order to detect various swing types including slice backhand, topspin forehand, volley forehand, smashes, and much more.

With a capacity to store roughly 12,000 shots in its internal memory, the Smart Tennis Sensor gives you plenty of data to analyze on your smartphone via its Bluetooth connection. Simply pull up the app screen to check your swing type, swing speed, ball speed, ball impact spot, ball spin, and other pertinent data.

Another cool feature that has been recently added is its Live Mode video function, which allows you to sync your shot data with the video footage of your game play. The Smart Tennis Sensor is compatible with a wide range of racquets; you can check whether your racquet is supported by reviewing their racquet list at this link. 

3. Ball Coach Pocket Radar

When watching one of our favorite tennis pros during a televised match, most of us love checking the courtside screens after a blistering serve to see how fast the ball was traveling. While we might not be able to snag these types of ultra-sophisticated Wimbledon-caliber radar guns, we can definitely make use of the Ball Coach Pocket Radar to gauge the speed of our own shots.

The Pocket Radar boasts 120 feet of range, and can measure speeds between 25 mph and 130 mph, with an accuracy that falls within +/- 1 mph of the ball's actual speed. You can mount the Pocket Radar on a tripod in order to start measuring your own hitting power.

4. Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer

It can be difficult to master the technique of always hitting the ball with the center of your racquet face. Thankfully, the Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer can help you improve this vital area of your stroke by utilizing advanced motion sensor technology to capture and analyze your swing speed, dynamics and power. It attaches to your racquet and records your swing data in real-time, which it then communicates to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

The Zepp Swing Analyzer tracks forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, and smashes, and it can also measure topspin, slices and flat shots. It will show you where exactly the ball is making impact on your racquet face, which will help you improve your stroke so that you're always hitting that "sweet spot."

Thanks to the brilliant minds that created these handy devices, you no longer have to rely upon guesswork to try and pinpoint the areas of your game that need improvement. Put the above gadgets to work to help you sharpen your skills, so that you can make measurable progress with your tennis game.

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