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3 Tips for Cold Weather Tennis

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 11/29/18 4:29 PM

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With winter upon us and cold weather here to stay, if you are an avid tennis player you will have to get creative with your tennis game. Cold weather changes everything about how you play tennis. In order to thrive and play competitively, you will need the right gear, the right courts, and the right technique. Of course, if you want to be competitive come springtime, there is no replacement for continuous training. If you want to learn more about how you can continue to play tennis comfortably through the cold of winter, come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today!

The Right Clothes

If you are going to try to continue to play tennis outside, you will need to dress the part to stay warm. As with any physical activity in the cold, wearing multiple thin layers of clothing is the best way to keep your body at the right temperature throughout the game. As you continue to warm up throughout the game, take off one layer at a time to compensate for your increased temperature.

The sun plays a major factor in winter tennis. Overall, the sun is lower in the sky during the winter which means that sunglasses are a must have for all winter tennis matches. Gloves will also help keep your hands warm and ready to play, though thinner gloves will help you retain your grip and overall feel. You can also enjoy tennis from the warmth of any one of Five Seasons’ expansive indoor tennis courts.


Whenever you are exercising in the cold, it is extremely important to stretch and warm up your muscles. When your muscles come into an exercise cold, there is a much higher chance that you can experience tears, snaps, and injuries. This makes it extremely important to stretch before and during your game to keep your muscles loose. Your warm-up should also be about 10 minutes longer than normal to give your arms and legs the chance to shake off the cold and get ready to play.

Types of Shots

One of the biggest factors in low-temperature tennis is the overall pressure in the tennis balls. As temperatures drop, your tennis ball will lose pressure, making it less bouncy and making it move slower. This means that your topspin will be greatly reduced while other shots will become better than ever. Shots like flat serves, slices, and drop shots will perform extremely well in the cold as the ball has a tendency to stop short. The ball will have a tendency to bounce lower than usual, so bring your swing back early and start your backswing much lower than usual. These tips can help you get ahead of your competition in the cold.

If you are looking to stay in great tennis shape this winter there is no better place to practice than Five Seasons. With dozens of indoor and outdoor courts, you can practice your game in whatever way you want! Come into your local Five Seasons Family Sports Club today to find a tennis league or a trainer that can help you get through the cold winter!

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