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12 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Old Yoga Mat

Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 1/26/17 9:00 AM

iStock-460388821.jpgIf your old yoga mat has seen one too many downward dogs, it may be time to retire your beleaguered rectangular friend in favor of a new one. So what should you do with the old mat? In the spirit of creative repurposing, consider the following 12 ways to reuse your yoga mat for ultimate upcycling glory. 

1. Kneeling Pad

Whether you're doing some heavy-duty house cleaning or working out in the garden, you can show your knees some love by repurposing your yoga mat into a handy kneeling pad. 

2. Shelf Lining

Who needs contact paper when you can line your shelves with deluxe yoga mat material? All you need to do is measure the dimensions of the shelves and then use a razor or X-ACTO knife to cut the yoga mat accordingly. This can come in handy for shelves all over the house, including the kitchen cabinets, bathroom closet, laundry room, etc. 

3. Jar Opener

Cut your yoga mat into circle-shaped pieces of various sizes, and use them to help you gain some much-needed leverage for opening those stubborn jar lids that don't want to budge. 

4. Pet Bowl Pad

It's amazing how much your pet's food and water bowls can shift and slide around on the floor--no doubt with a little help from your furry friend. Cut out some proportionally-sized pieces of your yoga mat to create a non-slip pad that will help prevent those all-too-common spills and splashes. 

5. Drink Coasters

Cut your yoga mat into coaster-sized shapes and keep your furniture and other surfaces nice and dry. If you're feeling a little artistic whimsy, try decorating them with art markers. 

6. Pad for Beach Towel

Sometimes that hard-packed beach sand is no friend to your rear end. Try using your yoga mat for support underneath your beach towel to help soften things up. 

7. Baby-Proofing

Whether it's furniture legs, fireplace hearths, table corners, or other exposed hard/sharp surfaces that make parents of toddlers nervous, you can wrap or apply pieces of your old yoga mat to those areas to provide some effective baby-proofing. 

8. Pad for Camping

During camping trips, sometimes that sleeping bag simply doesn't provide enough cushion to buffer your body from the hard ground. Try laying out your yoga mat underneath your sleeping bag for a little bit of extra protection against those protruding rocks and sticks. 

9. Furniture Pads

Protect your floors by cutting small circles out of your yoga mat and applying them to the bottom of furniture legs. 

10. Non-Slip Rug Pad

If you have certain rugs in the house that tend to be slippery (e.g., your bathroom rug after a hot shower), cut out your yoga pad to the appropriate dimensions and use it as a pad underneath to help keep those rugs in place. 

11. Kitchen Mat

If you spend lots of time on your feet in the kitchen, you can use your yoga mat as a foot-friendly pad in front of the sink or the stove. 

12. Fun Crafts

With a pair of scissors and a vivid imagination, your old yoga mat can be transformed into any number of cool crafts. For example, you could give your kids some safety scissors and have them cut different cool shapes out of the mat, which they can then decorate with markers, glitter, rhinestones, or other crafty items. After that, you can glue magnets to the back of them and use them as refrigerator magnets. 

As you can see, it's entirely possible for your old yoga mat to enjoy a new life of usefulness, but in a slightly different capacity. Put these ideas to work to make the most out of this surprisingly versatile piece of equipment!SMART Goals Workbook

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